Teach you how to make crispy chocolate ice cream without whipping

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This crispy chocolate doesn’t use egg yolks, and doesn’t add air to add lubricity, but it doesn’t have any ice residue because cornstarch is added. At the same time, I try not to use any electrical appliances, just a manual egg beater. Enough, the method is very simple, but there will be some ingredients in the recipe with small amounts, such as coffee and condensed milk, I do not recommend omitting coffee, this is where the aroma is, just like vanilla pods and custard are added to the custard sauce. There is no difference. The other one is chocolate. I use 55% dark chocolate from Fafna. The aroma of chocolate will also affect the taste and texture of this ice cream. You will find that it is different chocolate or coffee. The taste will be slightly different, everyone try it~~

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chocolate syrup
hot water70 grams
instant black coffee powder3 grams
cocoa powder30 grams
55% dark chocolate50 grams
Caster sugar70g (into cocoa powder)
cream cheese100 g
Salt2 grams
Caster sugar15g (with cream cheese)
ice cream liquid
pure milk180 grams
Light cream200 g
Caster sugar50 grams (into milk)
condensed milk35 grams
corn starch10gram
pure milk20g (with cornstarch)
55% dark chocolate300 grams
cooked almonds50 grams

“Tinrry Afternoon Tea” teaches you how to make crispy chocolate ice cream without whipping

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  2. First watch the video, know how to make it, how to make it, and then start it, this ice cream is very simple, and I think it is very rich and delicious

  3. First, mix 70 grams of hot water and coffee powder to melt and then pour into the milk pot

  4. The fine sugar and cocoa powder are mixed evenly, the purpose is to let the fine sugar press the cocoa powder, and it will be easier to blend when mixing it later

  5. Pour cocoa powder and caster sugar into the coffee liquid and mix with a spatula until there are no cocoa powder particles

  6. Then bring the coffee mixture to a boil over medium-low heat

  7. Bring the coffee mixture to a boil and leave the heat, then add the chocolate, mix well to melt and set aside

  8. Cream cheese insulation water softened

  9. Then add granulated sugar and salt and mix until smooth until there are no particles. During the period, scrape the sides of the basin unevenly, otherwise the particles on the edge will always exist in the ice cream

  10. Add the chocolate syrup into the cheese and mix well. Also remember to scrape the bottom part with a spatula and mix well. The chocolate syrup is ready. Set it aside for later use

  11. Mix cornstarch and pure milk evenly

  12. Add whipped cream, pure milk, condensed milk and caster sugar to the milk pot and boil

  13. Then pour the boiling milk into the pure milk and cornstarch that was mixed before

  14. Then return the ice cream mixture to the milk pot again and keep stirring until it boils

  15. Pour the boiled ice cream mixture into the chocolate syrup and mix well, then the chocolate ice cream liquid is ready. It is possible to freeze it directly to make cup ice cream, but if it is made into a popsicle shape, you need to wait until the ice cream liquid cools. Thicken into the mold, otherwise the stick may not be in the middle

  16. So after it’s done, cover it with plastic wrap and wait for the chocolate ice cream liquid to cool down. The plastic wrap should stick to the liquid

  17. The chocolate ice cream liquid becomes thicker after cooling

  18. To make this ice cream, because it is relatively soft, choose a silicone mold, don’t use such a hard plastic, it will not be able to release the mold, if not, make a cup of ice cream, or freeze a large plate, scoop out a ball to eat, chocolate ice cream liquid After pouring into the mold, put it in the freezer for 24 hours. The temperature of each freezer is different. It must be completely hardened before it can be demolded. Otherwise, it will be bent when it comes out. p>
  19. After the ice cream is frozen, you can eat it directly, or you can hang a layer of crispy skin like me. First, we melt the chocolate in water, and when there is half of the chocolate left, leave the hot water and use the rest Melt the remaining chocolate

  20. The almonds I use are salt-baked almonds bought in the supermarket, put them in a fresh-keeping bag and smash them

  21. Pour the chopped almonds into the chocolate and mix well

  22. Pour the chocolate into a cup higher than the ice cream to hang the chocolate. If the weather is cold or the chocolate thickens, return it to the hot water and mix it well, or keep it warm for the step of hanging the crispy skin

  23. After hanging the crispy skin, you should shake off the excess chocolate immediately, because we all don’t want the crispy skin to be too thick, otherwise the ice cream is below 0 degrees, and the chocolate will solidify quickly. If you make it, remember to hand in homework


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