Watermelon Yogurt Ice Cream

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Watermelon Yogurt Ice Cream?

I saw a recipe on the Internet and found it very interesting.
The watermelon ice cream is soft and full of fruity flavor.


yogurt300 grams

Watermelon Yogurt Ice Cream?

  1. Prepare a big watermelonWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 1
  2. cut in halfWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 2
  3. Cut a piece in the middle, it must be flat, and dig out the pulp along the peelWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 3
  4. watermelon pulp cut into small pieces, remove watermelon seedsWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 4
  5. Watermelon cubes and yogurt poured into a juicerWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 5
  6. shakeWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 6
  7. Filter it for a finer tasteWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 7
  8. Put a layer of oil paper under the plate, wrap a circle of plastic wrap around it, cut a small hole in the watermelon skin with a knife, and insert an ice cream stickWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 8
  9. Pour into the watermelon smoothie and chill in the freezerWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Step 9
  10. After freezing for an hour, sprinkle with watermelon seeds for garnishWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Recipe 10
  11. After freezing for more than six hours, take out and cut into piecesWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Recipe Step 11
  12. Low-calorie and delicious, sweet tasteWatermelon Yogurt Ice Cream? Recipe 12
  13. It’s the taste of summer~Watermelon yogurt ice cream? Recipe 13


1. The surface of the watermelon must be cut flat so that it will not leak when pouring the watermelon milkshake.
2. When pouring the milkshake, wrap a layer of plastic wrap around the watermelon circle to prevent the milkshake from leaking out from the surrounding
. 3. It is delicious Unfinished ice cream is wrapped in plastic wrap and stored separately


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