Rich Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (No Whipping)

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How to make rich dark chocolate ice cream (no whipping)

After trying the rich matcha ice cream of @銀cherry (, I feel that the similar basic ratio of quick-hand raw egg yolk is especially suitable for ice cream lovers who are afraid of repeated whipping. Made this ice cream with lots of dark chocolate chips, low sugar (but definitely suitable for most people’s tastes, trust me), smooth and no residue.


Light cream350ml
raw egg yolk4-5 (depending on the size of the egg yolk)
Caster sugar0-50g
Dark chocolate (about 70% cocoa butter)125g+75g
cocoa powder10g
Almond Flavor (optional)1/4 tsp
chocolate decoration (optional)

How To Make Rich Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (No Whipping)

  1. Melt 125g of dark chocolate in water. Cut 75g of dark chocolate into red bean-sized pieces.

  2. Wash raw egg yolks and caster sugar (the amount of sugar can be adjusted according to personal taste, no problem if you don’t add it) at high speed until the color becomes light and thick, lift the egg beater, The egg wash will slowly fall down in a ribbon shape.

  3. Add melted 125g chocolate to 2 and mix well with a spatula.

  4. Place 350ml of whipped cream and 10g of cocoa powder into another deep mixing bowl, and use an electric egg beater to beat at low speed until it reaches 5 distributions (that is, the beater head crosses the Can leave traces, it can be removed from the completely liquid state). If you like the aroma of almonds, you can add 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract to this mixture. Personally, I think almond flavor can reduce the sweetness of desserts better than rum.

  5. Add 4 to 3, stir well with egg whip or whisk at low speed, add 75g chocolate chips and mix well again, pour the mixture into a container and freeze it in the freezer for 5 hours The above (no need to repeat the whipping during the period).

  6. To decorate with chocolate, use this method: Melt the chocolate on a shallow plate and refrigerate until fully set in the refrigerator. When it needs to be used, take it out half an hour in advance, return to room temperature above 20 degrees, and use the edge of a small teaspoon to scratch the surface of the chocolate at a vertical or inclined angle to form a complete and unbroken cylindrical or spiral thin roll piece. (The same applies to cakes and other desserts that require chocolate decoration.)


1 Be sure to use fresh eggs within 10 days of production, and do not eat “grass eggs” with unknown dates.
2 It is recommended to take the ice cream out of the freezer about ten minutes before serving to make it slightly softer and easier to scoop. Since there are no water-based ingredients, slightly melted ice cream can be refrozen without affecting its texture.
3 When digging the balls, prepare a bowl of boiling water. After each ice cream scoop is used to scoop the ice cream, dip the scoop in the water to lubricate. Flimsy, multiple gestures cause the ice cream to pile up into balls.
4 It’s still the sentence of @魚 Cherry: Those who are afraid of egg yolks, please move to other places, and don’t spray if you don’t like it. Thanks!


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