Raspberry Cream Chocolate Ice Cream

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Raspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong

This summer, you don’t have to spend money on ice cream. This is a smooth, rich, jammy, nutty and crispy, high-quality chocolate ice cream. Do you want to try it?


Raspberry Flow Heart:
Raspberry Puree50g
caster sugar34g
Corn Syrup16g
Chocolate ice cream batter:
Black Smart40g
caster sugar15g
Condensed Milk9g
Chocolate Crisp:
Black Smart120g
Coconut Oil36g
Appropriate amount of chopped hazelnuts

Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong Practice

  1. Make the liquid part first, boil the raspberry puree + caster sugar over high heat, switch to low heat and stir fry until it thickens
  2. Add corn syrup and stir, put it into a piping bag, corn syrup is used to prevent crystallization, so that it will not freeze at minus tens of degrees Celsius, and the flow effect is better
  3. Chocolate ice cream batter: Melt dark chocolate + milk in the microwave
  4. Stir well and set aside
  5. Whisk egg yolks + caster sugar until sugar melts
  6. Pour milk into a milk pot and heat it to a slight boil
  7. Pour into the egg yolk and stir quickly
  8. Pour back into the milk pot, turn on low heat, and keep stirring with a silicone spatulaRaspberry Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong Step 8
  9. Fry until thick, you need to keep stirring during this period, otherwise it will be easy to burn the potRaspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Dream Dragon Step 9
  10. Add the chocolate paste you just made
  11. While hot, stir well and set aside to coolRaspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong Step 11
  12. Break cream + condensed milk to 8 points
  13. Add to the chocolate paste and mix well
  14. Into a piping bag
  15. Squeeze into the mold where the ice cream sticks are placed, squeeze half the amount, and flatten
  16. Squeeze the raspberry crumbs in the middle, then wrap it with ice cream batter and give it a few tapsRaspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream|How to make Menglong Step 16
  17. Scrape down with a spatula and place in the freezer for 5-8 hours
  18. Chocolate Crispy: Melt the dark chocolate + coconut oil in the microwave, add chopped hazelnuts and mix well
  19. The ice cream was demolded, not enough time to freeze and not clean enoughRaspberry Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Dream Dragon Step 19
  20. Pour the chocolate into a small diameter and deep glass, dip it lightly, pick it up immediately, and wait for the chocolate to stop dripping.Raspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Dream Dragon Step 20
  21. The first bite is a crunchy crispy, silky, rich and ice-free chocolate ice creamRaspberry Flow Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong Step 21
  22. One more sip, it’s sweet and sour raspberry flow heart sauceRaspberry Chocolate Ice Cream | Homemade Menglong Step 22


The chocolate used is Callebaut dark chocolate 57.9%
No coconut oil can be substituted with butter, but it will be a lot thicker


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