Lemon?Barbara?ice cream taste

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Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste


?Cookie base
Oreo ? cookie crumbs80 grams
Butter ?30 grams
? Custard
egg yolk ?6
Caster sugar ?60 grams
milk ?500 g
Light cream200 g
Lemon ? zest2
gelatin15 grams

Lemon ?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste

  1. It’s so delicious that I can’t stop?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 1
  2. Family portrait of ingredients?Come here?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 2
  3. 80 grams of Oreo biscuits (crushed in a food processor or rolling pin) ➕ 30 grams of melted butter ? (you can heat it in the microwave oven)Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 3
  4. After mixing well, press down with the back of a spoon ? and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerateLemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 4
  5. 6 egg yolks ?➕60g caster sugar ? mix wellHow to make lemon?Barbalua? ice cream Step 5
  6. Get the lemon zest readyLemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 6
  7. Add 500 grams of milk ?➕ lemon zest ? to a small milk pot, cook until the surrounding bubbling and turn off the heatHow to make lemon?Barbalua? ice cream Step 7
  8. Take out the lemon zest ?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 8
  9. Wait until the ⌛️Lemon?Milk? is not too hot, slowly pour in the egg yolk paste. Note⚠️: Too hot and easy to turn into egg drop soup?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 9
  10. Stir well while pouringLemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 10
  11. Then pour it back into the small milk pot to reheat and cook until the surrounding is bubbling. Note⚠️: This step is mainly to sterilize the egg yolk ?, which is essential.Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 11
  12. Let’s give the gelatin a bath in advance?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 12
  13. Take out the softened gelatin pieces, put them into the heated lemon milk lake, and stir to melt.Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 13
  14. Whip 200 grams of whipped cream until thick yogurt-like, with small hooks.Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 14
  15. Add the whipped cream to the lemon?milk? paste and mix well. Finally, pour into the mold with the Oreo cookie base and continue to refrigerate until solidified.Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 15
  16. Beauty?Delicious?Lemon?Barbalua? Ice cream-like taste Step 16


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