Ice Bread Must-do ice cream taste in summer, can be frozen or refrigerated

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Ice bread must-have ice cream in summer taste can be frozen or refrigerated the approach

The fluffy bread body and the refreshing but not greasy cream filling are really good


hot seed
High-gluten flour 50 grams
Salt 0.5g
sugar 5 grams
main dough
High-gluten flour 400 grams
hot seed 70 grams
milk powder 15 grams
Caster sugar 60 grams
whole egg liquid 50 grams
yeast 4 grams
milk 240 grams
Salt 3.5 grams
butter 30 grams
chocolate 62 grams (mine is 54.5 percent)
cream 90 grams
Chocolate Cream
Light cream 180 grams
Ganache all
Caster sugar 13 grams
matcha sauce
Light cream 50 grams
milk 10gram

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