Fruits that can replace “ice cream” – healthy and low-fat

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Fruits that can replace

Want to eat ice cream but dare not eat it?

Then try this method, which is low-calorie, healthy and relieves the heat – frozen fruit, the key is that it is really delicious!

Fruit, frozen, not refrigerated.

The sweetness in fruit mainly comes from fructose. After fructose is frozen, the lower the temperature, the sweeter it will be. So for those fruits that are rich in fructose, freezing them will unlock many new ways to eat them!


Banana1 root
DurianOne Piece
BlueberryOne Box

Fruits that can replace “ice cream” – healthy and low-fat practices

  1. 【 Raisins, Agate Grapes 】Fruits that can replace
  2. Raisins are very high in fructose, and they become very sweet after freezing. Melt a little before eating. It is best to cut them in half with a fruit knife. Of course, you can also bite them directly. It is as sweet as sugar.Fruits that can replace
  3. 【 Mango 】
    Frozen mango once, you will find that it is like ice cream, it is better to be ripe and sweeter, it is best to remove the core before freezing, cut the pulp horizontally and vertically, or directly peel and cut into pieces. No more juiceFruits that can replace
  4. 【 Blueberry 】
    After the blueberries are frozen, the “meaty taste” is added, which is very chewy and not too juicyFruits that can replace
  5. 【 Banana 】
    Frozen bananas are better in taste. After freezing, the original soft texture of bananas has become between ice cream and cheese, and it will not become particularly sweet.Important point: peel off the skin in advance, or this banana will be useless…don’t ask me why I know…

    Fruits that can replace

  6. 【 Durian 】
    Frozen durian is completely the taste of durian ice cream. It is not easy to break. You can eat it directly with a spoon, but it is best to slice it, like cheddar cheese. Of course, the durian taste we love is the same.Fruits that can replace
  7. 【Avocado】
    It’s super fragrant when frozen. Some people can’t accept the taste of avocado. Then when you freeze it, the taste will disappear! !I have posted the specific method before, you can check it.

    Fruits that can replace

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    Fruits that can replace


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