Lazy Ice Cream Cake

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I have made all of my family’s birthday cakes for several years. Last month, my mother-in-law’s birthday was perfect, and this month it’s my turn to celebrate my own birthday. I suddenly wanted to be lazy, but I didn’t want to be too sloppy. After all, I love myself very much, so I decided to challenge the type of cake that I have never made before. I remember that when I was in college, I ate an ice cream cake and found the ice cream after cutting it open. I wanted everyone to feel that kind of surprise, so I dug holes in the cake embryo according to the idea in my head. I saw that other owners didn’t dig holes, so let me share my ice cream cake recipe for digging holes. The cake is six inches.


Baxi ice cream4 small boxes
Blue windmill whipped cream200 g
powdered sugar (white sugar)50-60 grams
6 inch chiffon caketwo
chocolate topping
chocolate chips for baking100 g
butter58 grams
CoconutAppropriate amount
sliced ​​almondsAppropriate amount

The practice of lazy ice cream cake  

  1. Use a utility knife to dig holes in the 6-inch chiffon cake.
    (I just bought a local 6-inch cake base in our supermarket. I tasted good and bought two and used it directly)

    The practice of lazy ice cream cake step 1

  2. Another 6-inch cake slice is used as a cover.
    I replaced it with a small video of the chiffon cake I made myself. (It’s OK to use the lid without the lid. The surface of the frozen ice cream can be glazed directly, just like ice cream covered with chocolate crispy skin)

    The practice of lazy ice cream cake step 2

  3. Mix whipped cream with powdered sugar, optionally add a few drops of vanilla extract, a drop of lemon juice, add ice cream cubes, and mix well.
    Under normal circumstances, the ice cream is basically melted after stirring evenly.
    Ice cream mixture is level with top edge of cake. If there is less ice cream mixture, the lid can be repaired with a utility knife to make it embedded. I was pouring too much. You can also deliberately set aside some and freeze it into ice cream for eating.

    The practice of lazy ice cream cake step 3

  4. Put it in the freezer to freeze overnight to firm up. Freeze ready to cover.

    The practice of lazy ice cream cake step 4

  5. Chocolate beans for baking 100g ➕butter 58g sitz bath heat and melt and mix well

    The practice of lazy ice cream cake step 5

  6. Wait for the chocolate mixture to cool down to 38 degrees and start pouring immediately, the temperature is low and the cooling speed is very fast. Otherwise, it will quickly agglomerate. I use the cake turntable to pour the dough while turning it, first pouring it in the middle and then pouring it on the edge, and sliding it round and round. Finished in a hurry, it’s a bit thick. I waited until 35 degrees to start, it was a bit late.
    The cake is OK without the chocolate glaze. You can decorate directly like a normal cake, just pay attention to the speed to prevent the ice cream from melting. Generally, it will melt in 30 minutes, and it will be better in winter.

    The practice step 6 of lazy ice cream cake

  7. My chocolate icing caked up quickly and the garnishes fell off when placed directly on top. So I brushed the topping with corn syrup to catch the almond slices and shredded coconut. If you’re quick enough, you won’t need the syrup. I didn’t dare to apply honey, because the honey will agglomerate when frozen. Because I’m going to have to freeze it again for a while until dinner starts.

    The practice step 7 of lazy ice cream cake

  8. The way it was cut. Everyone didn’t know it was an ice cream cake until it was cut open. It was a pleasant surprise, haha, the child is the happiest? It’s delicious, and it’s on CD.

    The practice step 8 of lazy ice cream cake


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