Delicious Mousse

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The practice of Shar Pei ? Mousse


Dark Chocolate26g
Whipped Cream100g
caster sugar10g

The practice of Shar Pei ? Mousse

  1. Put a piece of dark chocolate into a piping bag and heat it to melt. Cut a small opening on the bag to make it smaller.Shar Pei ? Mousse Step 1
  2. Dot the dog’s eyes, nose, and paws with chocolate on the mold.Shar Pei ? Mousse Step 2
  3. Prepare the gelatin tablets 3gShar Pei ? Mousse Step 3
  4. Soak in cold waterShar Pei ?Mousse Step 4
  5. Measure 26g of chocolate and put it in a chocolate melting bowlShar Pei ? Mousse Step 5
  6. Waterproof heatingShar Pei ? Mousse Step 6
  7. Heat until the chocolate is completely meltedShar Pei ? Mousse Step 7
  8. Put in 10g powdered sugarShar Pei ?Mousse Step 8
  9. Add another 60g milkShar Pei ?Mousse Step 9
  10. Stir wellShar Pei ? Mousse Step 10
  11. Take the soaked gelatinShar Pei ?Mousse Step 11
  12. Continue to mix well after addingShar Pei ?Mousse Step 12
  13. Sifter to prevent the chocolate particles that are not completely melted, you can roll it again when sievingShar Pei ?Mousse Step 13
  14. Take 100g of whipped creamShar Pei ? Mousse Step 14
  15. Electric whisk to beat 6 distributions, slightly flowable and semi-solid state.Shar Pei ? Mousse Step 15
  16. Slowly add the chocolate sauce to the whipped cream, stirring as you pour inShar Pei ? Mousse Step 16
  17. Stir wellShar Pei ? Mousse Step 17
  18. Put the mold into the freezer layer of the refrigerator, then pour the mousse paste into the mold, and then close the refrigerator door and freeze it overnightShar Pei ? Mousse Step 18
  19. Remove the next morningShar Pei ? Mousse Step 19
  20. Slow mold release from hind pawsShar Pei ? Mousse Step 20
  21. The state of the whole piece after demouldingShar Pei ?Mousse Step 21
  22. Replace the white dog with an equal amount of white chocolateShar Pei ? Mousse Step 22
  23. Put it in the box and give it to friends and family, the little ones love it!Shar Pei ?Mousse Step 23


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